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Mike Reed started Focus Property Management in Tauranga after recognising a gap in the market for a specialist property management company that offers practical hands on level of service and expertise.

Mikes background was in the agriculture industry, studied business as an adult student, then a full time property investor/manager.

This has taught him many life experiences including a can do outlook, hands on approach and working outside office hours.

He believes his combination of practical experience and academic training stands him in good stead to deal with the variety of scenarios that residential property management and investing inevitably throws at you.

As well as the people management skills (which he believes is an important element of the property investment package) there is actually a good deal of technical building knowledge required.

An important aspect of residential property management is understanding each building at a fundamental level. This allows you to know what to expect in the future and how to prevent major maintenance issues before they happen.

This building knowledge was gained from 12 years as a full time property investor, renovating, subdividing, trading and long term holds of dozens of properties. He managed his own properties from day one, learning the needs and expectations of the customers (tenants) and producing a product that has market demand.

Mike understands the market, property cycles, the trials and tributes of being a landlord, maintenance issues and tenants. He has the experience to advise on budgets, renovations, how to attract and keep great tenants as they hold the key to the success of our business.

He has also built up an excellent support team, which means he can have the capability to deal with most situations and can provide you with the right advice should you require it.

A property manager with a tool box in the boot, a ladder on the trailer if needed, 12 years of experience and phones answered outside office hours to suit the needs of clients and customers.



Originally from Taranaki, Belinda relocated to the Bay of Plenty in the late 1990’s. She has spent the last 15 years based at a leading Finance and Investment Advisory Firm here in Tauranga. Throughout her career Belinda has gained experience in legislative processes, office administration and staff management.

Developing valuable relationships with both home owners and tenants along with meeting their needs are some of the aspects of property management that Belinda finds most rewarding. Being a property investor herself Belinda understands the importance of asset protection and the varied challenges that accompany home ownership. She believes her strong attention to detail, communication skills and eyes wide open approach are key ingredients to being a successful property manager.



Tauranga’s been my home for over 40 years, and I’ve watched it evolve from the quiet, slow paced retirement town of the 1980’s to the vibrant yet busy expansion we have today.

I come from a 20-year Public Service Case Management role which involved relating to people from all walks of life and situations, which I feel has given me the intuition and relevant skills for Property Management that can only be gained from such experience.

Being a property investor myself, I understand the value of your asset, and I have a realistic and responsible approach that will help ensure we find the right people for your property.

I look forward to having a long and positive relationship with both tenants and owners.


I’m thrilled to be joining Focus Property Management as the newest energetic and reliable team member.

I bring a vast array of customer and interpersonal skills gained from my extensive experience over the last 25 years in the tourism sector.

I also have an invaluable insight into property management due to being an avid property investor for 20 years.
I will be working proactively behind the scenes in an administrative role to maximise the best results with my attention to detail and strong work ethic.

GREG GILBERD - Property Manager

I too originate from Taranaki, moving to Tauranga i life in the banking sector involved in all
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I am excited at having the opportunity to be a part team and being able to continue building
relation touch for both our property owners and tenants.

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